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school bus stopping law and school speed zones

Do you know the Pennsylvania School Bus Stopping Law?  

Pennsylvania's School Bus Stopping Law

  • Motorists must stop at least 10 feet away from school buses that have their red lights flashing and stop arm extended.
  • Motorists must stop when they are behind a bus, meeting the bus or approaching an intersection where a bus is stopped.
  • Motorists following or traveling alongside a school bus must also stop until the red lights have stopped flashing, the stop arm is withdrawn, and all children have reached safety.
  • If physical barriers such as grassy medians, guide rails or concrete median barriers separate oncoming traffic from the bus, motorists in the opposing lanes may proceed without stopping.
  • Do not proceed until all the children have reached a place of safety.

Link: Drive Safe PA - When to Stop for a School Bus

The penalties if convicted of violating Pennsylvania´s School Bus Stopping Law include:

  • $250 fine
  • Five points on your driving record
  • 60-day license suspension

School Zone Speed Regulations

§ 3365. Special speed limitations.

(b) School zones.  When passing through a school zone as defined and established under regulations of the department, no person shall drive a vehicle at a speed greater than 15 miles per hour. An official traffic-control device shall indicate the beginning and end of each school zone to traffic approaching in each direction.

The penalties if convicted of violating this section include:

  • Three points on your driving record
  • A fine of not more than $500 if the person exceeds the maximum speed limit by more than 11 miles per hour.

Traffic alerts and parking regulations

Parking Regulations

Motorists and residents are reminded to observe the parking regulations in Westtown, East Goshen and Thornbury Townships. There are many parking violations that are regulated by State Law and Township Ordinances. The fines for parking violations vary from $35.00 to $300.00 plus court costs.

Below are some of the general rules when parking:

  • Do not park on sidewalks
  • Do not park on a crosswalk
  • Do not park in front of a private driveway
  • Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
  • Within 20 feet of a crosswalk at an intersection
  • Within 30 feet of any flashing signal, stop sign, yield sign or traffic control signal located at any place on the roadway
  • Within 20 feet of any driveway entrance to a fire station or on the side of the street opposite the entrance to any fire station within 75 feet of the entrance
  • Handicapped space without a visible placard or plate
  • Any place where there is a specific sign posted

Westtown Township Parking Ordinance


§ 162-22. Parking prohibited certain hours. 


A. There shall be no parking on Township roads between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m., except for vehicles bearing official placards issued by Westtown Township permitting parking on designated streets between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. Such streets shall be designated by the enactment of an ordinance establishing the roads that are subject to the exception. 

Anyone with questions on parking regulations can call the police department at (610) 692-9600 or the Township Administrative Offices.

  • Westtown Township - (610) 692-1930
  • East Goshen Township - (610) 692-7171
  • Thornbury Township (Chester County) - (610) 399-1425


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