Accredited Law Enforcement Agency

Patrol division

The patrol division of the Westtown-East Goshen Regional Police Department consists of four squads that are supervised by a Patrol Sergeant. Each platoon is staffed by full-time and part-time sworn uniformed officers. The patrol squads currently work 12 hour shifts.

Squad A

  • Sergeant Jonathan Stafford
  • Officer Joseph Armbruster
  • Officer Jason Diamond
  • Officer Ryan Herman
  • Officer Stephen Hiro
  • Officer Jennifer Wolf
  • Officer William Verikakis

 Squad B

  • Sergeant Stephen Wassell
  • Officer James Bilotta
  • Officer Jorge Rodriguez
  • Officer Kennith Frascella
  • Officer Robert Kephart
  • Officer Eric Ruggeri
  • Officer Scott Weiner

Squad C

  • Sergeant Michael O'Brien
  • Officer Andrew Lang
  • Officer Mark McKinney
  • Officer Ryan Benningfield
  • Officer Leon Bynum
  • Officer Anthony Hughes

Squad D

  • Sergeant James Renegar
  • Officer Adrienne Colligan
  • Officer Peter Keegan
  • Officer David Hale
  • Officer Josh Micun
  • Officer J.D. Boyer
  • Officer Christopher Dittus
  • Officer Frank Toth

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