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criminal investigation division

The Criminal Investigation Division of the Westtown-East Goshen Regional Police Department is comprised of four full-time criminal investigators which is supervised by a Detective/Sergeant. The Criminal Investigation Division is responsible for conducting investigations of all major crimes in the townships of Westtown, East Goshen, and Thornbury that include deaths, arson, auto theft, burglaries, robberies, kidnapping, rape and hostage situations. Detectives also conduct background investigations for police applicants. Detectives are responsible for crime scene investigation, processing, and the collection of evidence.

Detectives in the unit constantly receive training in specialized areas of law enforcement to develop high levels of expertise in dealing with specific types of crimes and categories of people. Detectives conduct undercover operations to combat drug trafficking. Members of CID work with the Chester County Municipal Drug Task Force throughout Chester County on drug investigations.


The unit strives to maintain constant training, use of outside resources, and develop expertise so that all investigations are complete and properly prepared for prosecution.


In January 2004 the Criminal Investigation Division placed into service a Special Operations Unit response vehicle. This truck is fully equipped with communications equipment, crime scene processing equipment and mapping equipment for documenting scenes. This vehicle responds to all major criminal investigations, serious car accidents, and other high risk/major incidents.


The Criminal Investigation Division responds to serious and fatal traffic accidents to assist the Traffic Safety Unit with evidence documentation, collection, and witness interviews.

  • Detective/Sergeant Glenn Bretz
  • Detective Michael Ragni
  • Detective Jason Large
  • Detective Russell Weaverling


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